9 April

07:30 - 08:50

Registration & Morning Coffee

08:50 - 09:00

Conference Opening 

Casper Haring CEO European Conferences United

09:00 - 11:50


09:00 - 09:30

Personalizing the Shopping Journey: Case Studies of Data-Driven Success

  • Detailing Success Stories: Emphasize on innovative case studies where AI and machine learning have been pivotal in personalizing the online shopping experience.
  • Discussing Challenges Overcome: Focus on the specific challenges e-retailers face when implementing AI-driven personalization and the innovative solutions that have proven effective.
  • Exploring Impact on Sales: Examine how AI-driven personalization strategies directly impact online sales figures and customer retention


Tomasz Gutkowski Head of Business Development UNITY GROUP


Katarzyna  Stanisławska Head of the Department of Development and Management of Solutions for B2B clients ORANGE POLSKA

Łukasz Kierus CEO GLOSEL

09:30 - 9:50

3 media recipes for a downturn and why implementing them (unfortunately) is not easy

  • Brands are built long term... but results are needed at once!
  • Poles love going to stores... so what about digital & e-commerce?
  • A revenue stream for Retail that is surprisingly under-reported... while globally it already accounts for more than 14% of ad spending

Joanna Okła Chief Executive Officer ESSENCEMEDIACOM
Stanisław Grabowski Managing Partner ESSENCEMEDIACOM

9:50 - 10:10

5 biggest challenges of a retailer with digital drive to store marketing

  • Offer communication goes digital
  • Advertising budget per store
  • Think Multi Channel

Robert Biegaj Country Manager OFFERISTA POLSKA

10:10 - 10:40

Maximizing eRetail Efficiency through Marketplace Data Insights

  • Analyzing Marketplace Dynamics: Utilizing data analytics to understand consumer trends and seller performance on the e-commerce platform.
  • Optimizing Product Listings: Implementing data-driven strategies to enhance product visibility and attractiveness in a competitive marketplace.
  • Personalizing Customer Experiences: Leveraging customer data to create tailored shopping experiences, boosting engagement and conversion rates on the e-commerce platform.

Jakub Królikowski Enterprise Lead CEE MIRAKL
Katarzyna Murawska Manager, B2B Group Category ALLEGRO
Artur Rompca Head of E-commerce & Digital Marketing ALPINUS
Katarzyna Wronka E-commerce Customer Manager LOTTE WEDEL
Agnieszka Ziętek Head of E-Commerce & Digital MARS PET NUTRITION
Michał Jankowski eCommerce Lead East Europe LIPTON TEAS AND INFUSIONS

10:40 - 11:00

Business networking over Coffee

11:00 - 11:30

Leveraging Big Data for Smarter eRetail Operations"

  • Harnessing Big Data: Discussing how big data can be used to optimize e-commerce operations, from logistics to customer experience.
  • Integrating Data Analytics: Exploring the integration of analytics tools in eRetail for real-time decision-making and improved operational efficiency.
  • Balancing Automation and Human Insight: Addressing the importance of human oversight in interpreting big data analytics for more strategic decision-making in e-commerce.

Bartosz Ratajewski E-commerce Director EURO RTV AGD
Jakub Knauer Logistics and e-commerce operations manager JERONIMO MARTINS POLSKA
Alexander Willkomm Regional Director DACH & EE MPARTICLE

Tomasz Woźniak Digital Partner Commerce, Sr. Manager ADIDAS

Andrzej Wierzchoń Head of e-Commerce Department OCEANIC

11:30 - 11:50

In search of the holy grail - a unique customer profile and how to monetize it?

  • Phygital - building a consistent personalized experience, including in-store
  • Developing new revenue streams, e.g. retail media
  • Stories of selected companies, including. Ziaja and Home&You

Piotr Lempkowski Enterprise Retail Lead SALESFORCE

 11:50 - 15:40


11:50 - 12:10

 Brand navigation through marketplace: responses to key challenges and needs.

  • What role do marketplaces play in the e-commerce market and what significance do they hold for brands?
  • Distribution models: how can cooperation in the "triangle" between marketplace, brand, and seller look like - advantages and disadvantages of different models.
  • Key organizational challenges that brands must face in the context of cooperation with marketplaces and ways to overcome them, sources of financing for media activities, and preparing brands for cross-border sales.

Krzysztof Andrzejczak Group Advertising Sales & Business Growth Director ALLEGRO

12:10 - 12:30

A Sparkling Strategy: Maximizing Customer Engagement and Loyalty with Personalization

  • Keynote session featuring Eliad Elkabetz, Head of Product and Operations for Global eCommerce at SodaStream
  • Focus on leveraging personalization for re-engagement to drive recurring revenue and greater brand loyalty
  • Discussion on SodaStream's scalable testing approach across its 16 global sites to minimize business risk and optimize campaign effectiveness

Eliad Elkabetz Head of Product and Operations for Global eCommerce SODASTREAM

 12:30 - 13:00

Experimenting for Enhanced eRetail Performance

  • Conducting A/B Tests and Controlled Experiments: Examining the role of A/B testing and controlled experiments in refining e-commerce strategies.
  • Interpreting Experimentation Data for Optimization: Analyzing data from experiments to inform and guide e-commerce enhancements.
  • Balancing User Experience with Innovative Features: Striking a balance between innovative feature deployment and maintaining optimal user experience.


Robert Żygowski Strategy& Polska Vice director STRATEGY&
Sylwia Cziao e-Commerce Channel Strategy & Development Manager DANONE
Michał Jankowski eCommerce Lead East Europe LIPTON TEAS AND INFUSIONS
Karolina Moczulska Deputy manager for e-commerce MARTES SPORT
Anna Rydzewska Director of Patient E-commerce & Marketing NEUCA
Michał Krowiński Co-Founder, Member of the Management Board ZORRO DELIVERY / LISEK.APP
Sławomir Sitarski Director of business development - e-commerce KOMPUTRONIK BIZNES

13:00 - 14:00

Business networking over Lunch

 14:00 - 14:30

 Governancing Data and Ensuring Compliance in eRetail

  • Adhering to Data Privacy and Regulations: Strategizing to stay compliant with evolving global data privacy laws in e-commerce.
  • Implementing Effective Data Governance Practices: Exploring robust data governance frameworks to ensure data accuracy and security.
  • Fostering Trust through Transparent Data Practices: Emphasizing the role of transparency in data handling to build and sustain consumer trust

Łukasz Dzikowski Innovation Team Leader NIQ BRANDBANK
Magdalena Wiśniewska Director of the Innovation Implementation Division BRICOMARCHE
Maciej Wypych Director of Strategic Projects of the Sales Department CASTORAMA POLSKA

14:30 - 14:50

Mobile Advertising, how to effectively use geotargeting in advertising

  • User data sources.
  • Real-time marketing - reaction to everyday events.
  • Actual data vs. declarative data.

Mateusz Pietraszko Chief of Sales - Big Data & Mobile Advertising T-MOBILE

14:50 - 15:10

From Data Chaos to Data Insights - Predictive Analytics Strategies for the Modern Enterprise

  • A deeper understanding of customer preferences, expectations and needs

Tomasz Gołębiewski Sales Director IBA POLAND

15:10 - 15:40

Investing in media as an effective source of building business

  • Do media have impact on the business here and now
  • How to measure media investments. How to increase media effectiveness at the time when every dollar counts
  • What are the challenges facing the industry in the context of social changes and growing role of Gen Z?

Tomasz Serwotka  Head of Key Account Business CE TIKTOK
Sebastian Świderski Digital Marketing Manager SUPER-PHARM
Bartosz Kowalski  Business Science Director  ESSENCEMEDIACOM
Marta Piotrowska Head of Marketing Data Science, Mar-Tech & Media ALLEGRO

 15:40 - 18:00


15:40 - 16:00


AI in Retail Media - how to sell more!

  • Ad personalization: Utilizing artificial intelligence in retail media to tailor them to the preferences and behaviors of customers.
  • Price optimization: Using AI to analyze various factors such as demand, competition, and market trends to adjust pricing strategies in real-time.
  • Demand forecasting: Predicting changes in product demand and anticipating shopping trends.


16:00 - 16:40

Optimizing Operations with Generative AI

  • Improving Data Quality Assurance: Exploring AI-driven solutions for automated data quality checks and predictive analytics in eRetail.
  • Preempting Data Anomalies: Utilizing machine learning algorithms to identify and correct data inconsistencies before they impact operations.
  • Predicting Retail Trends: Discussing the use of AI in forecasting market trends and customer behaviors for proactive business strategies.

Ewa Rybołowicz Director of Market Analyzes COMP CENTRUM INNOWACJI

Jacek Palec Independent e-commerce expert, ex-CEO of Frisco, ex-Director of e-groceries Allegro
Michał Lutostański  Strategy Business Director KANTAR
Aleksander Sakwarelidze Founder of whyAI, Specialist for Implementation of AI in Business | former Data Scientist at Maspex

Michał Rogowski Chief Growth Officer IPSOS

 16:40 - 17:00

Coffee Break

 17:00 - 17:30

The power of the product in building a sales strategy - product data as an e-commerce engine.

  • The impact of product data quality on consumer purchasing decisions
  • An overview of the most common mistakes in product presentation in e-commerce
  • True omnichannel – uniform presentation of products throughout the entire omnichannel ecosystem

Marzena Łukasiak Head of B2B Operations Transformation, Europe TRIUMPH

17:30 - 18:00

Growing eCom ARPU with AI-based tools in an era of increasing CAC

  • 75% of sites visitors are anonymous - no purchase history no affinity, no known preferences. AI helps predict intent and use 1P data for better targeting in a cookie-less environment
  • Personalization value is exponential - AI makes it scalable and decreases users effort
  • Shopper Journey Friction points kill conversion. Mindful Use of AI helps generate a seamless user journey


18:00 - 19:00


19:00 - 20:00

Evening Gala & Retailer of the Year Ceremony

20:00 - 0:00

After Party, Live Music, Networking, Drinks