Key facts:

  • The Retail Summit 2023 is already the thirteenth edition of the summit. The event, which takes place every spring, is now scheduled for March 29-30 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Center Warsaw.
  • The main focus of the Retail Summit was, and still is, improving collaboration between retail, consumer goods and the solution providers for these industries.
  • We're more focused on bringing together the most relevant people than bringing together as many people as possible. Despite our focus on quality of attendees, we are proud to say that Retail Summit has also been the largest Retail & CPG event in the region for at least 10 years, attracting more than 1200 attendees each year.
  • The last Retail Summit took place in 2022 under challenging circumstances shortly after the end of the pandemic and at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The event had to be relocated to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the last minute as the previous location became a shelter for refugees. Despite the challenging circumstances, or perhaps because of these circumstances, the event was again well attended with over 1,200 participants. The new Retail Summit venue was so well received by attendees that it became the venue of choice for 2023 as well.
  • The Retail Summit 2023 is the annual place for networking. The rich content of the 3 stages (Main Commercial Stage, Digital Innovation Stage and Supply Chain Stage) and the dedicated e-commerce track will greatly contribute to the discussions taking place at the Trade Collaboration Stage.
  • The Trade Collaboration Stage is the spacious meeting place for further talks and networking with a retail village and thematic discussions. What happens on the Trade Collaboration Stage is seen at least as important as what happens in the conference rooms! (See also floor plan at the bottom of this page)
  • The evening gala on March 29th with the Retailer of the Year awards ceremony is a great place for informal networking over dinner and drinks. This is the ideal place to connect hearts and minds.


What happens in the conference should not stay in the conference!

We know that what is happening after the conference is of even greater importance than what is happening during the conference and at European Conferences United we believe that our work does not end at the conference.

Rather, the conference is the beginning of a journey that creates positive change. Our events are heavily based on action and catalyze the people we bring together for collaboration, innovation and improvement. The implementation of new tools and solutions plays an important role in business development.

That is why we are constantly looking for original and innovative ways to improve the businesses of the people we bring together. If you have great tools and / or solutions available, we definitely need you to make our events meaningful.

Let's work together!

Michael Samuel, Member of the Management Board & Customer Service Director, European Conferences United



Contributing to Content Development

Does your company offer great tools and solutions that are worth discussing at the conference?

  • You can benefit from suggesting specific content that fits into the program of the Retail Summit 2023 and supports both your company and the interests of our participants.

Supporting Speaker Selection

Does your company have great clients with cases worth presenting at the conference?

  • You can benefit from suggesting specific speakers and cases that fits into the program of the Retail Summit 2023 and supports both your company and the interests of our participants.

Connecting to the 1200+ participants

Would you like to know what's going on in retail, catch up on your existing relationships and make new business contacts in a business-friendly environment?

  • You can benefit from registering as a participant in the event and benefit from using the structures and tools that have been set up for networking.

Presenting your business

Do you want to do more than just attend the conference and do you want to showcase your business and the great tools and / or solutions you have available for your customers?

  • You can benefit from partnering with Retail Summit 2023 by taking advantage of a variety of branding opportunities (including possibly holding a presentation) and gaining access to expanded matchmaking opportunities with attendees.



  • We expect around 1,400 attendees for Retail Summit 2023, also based on numbers from the last three editions and growing interest in coming together in persistently challenging times.
  • Below is a breakdown of Retail Summit 2022 attendees. We expect a similar split for Retail Summit 2023, with growing numbers for e-commerce and digital, reflecting current market demands.
  • If you want to know what companies are waiting for you at the conference.; Please contact us for the latest list of people who have signed up.


If you have great information that you would like to share, interesting suggestions for potential speakers and / or an interest to attend the conference as a participant, speaker or partner, please contact:

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