Poland &CEE Retail Summit 2024
Day 1

Exploring Future Trends / Implementing Actionable Solutions / Fostering collaboration


Main Stage

Unveiling the Future of Retail

  • Identifying Profitable Emerging Trends: Exploring the latest retail trends with a focus on identifying those that have the potential for high profitability and return on investment (ROI)
  • Mitigating Supply Chain Risks: Develop strategies to minimize risks in the supply chain, such as disruptions in logistics or cybersecurity threats, by investing in robust security systems and contingency plans
  • Optimizing Brick-and-Mortar Investments: Maximize ROI from physical stores by implementing cost-effective strategies like experiential retail, omnichannel integration, and leveraging technology to enhance the in-store experience
  • Drive Data-Driven Decision Making: Invest in advanced analytics tools and platforms to harness customer data, improve insights, and make informed decisions regarding product assortments, marketing campaigns, and operational efficiencies
  • Implementing Sustainable Practices with ROI: Identify sustainable initiatives that not only align with ethical values but also offer cost savings and operational efficiencies, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and the bottom line



Supply Chain Plenary Stage

Driving Efficiency and Transparency with Supply Chain 5.0

  • Optimizing Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management: Investing in AI-powered demand forecasting and inventory optimization systems to reduce stockouts, minimize carrying costs, and increase overall supply chain efficiency
  •  Automating Warehouse Operations: Implementing warehouse automation technologies like robotics, autonomous vehicles, and RFID systems to streamline operations, improve order fulfillment accuracy, and reduce labor costs
  • Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility: Investing in technologies like blockchain and IoT sensors to improve supply chain visibility, ensure product traceability, and minimize the risk of counterfeiting or quality control issues
  • Streamlining Returns Management: Addressing the challenges of reverse logistics and streamline returns management processes to improve customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and maximize asset recovery opportunities
  • Optimizing Retail Space Utilization: Utilizing data analytics and location intelligence to optimize retail space usage, negotiate cost-effective leases, and make informed decisions regarding store locations and formats

 TechInvest Stage


Creating a Tech-Driven Future for Physical Retail Growth

  • Allocating resources to data-driven digital marketing strategies that yield a high return on investment, such as targeted advertising, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns
  • Enhancing Customer Engagement through In-store Technology: Investing in cost-effective in-store technologies like interactive displays, digital signage, or mobile apps that enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and improve the overall shopping experience
  • Personalizing Experiences with Data Insights: Allocate resources to customer data collection and analysis to derive actionable insights that enable personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and improved customer loyalty
  • Streamlining Payments and Checkout Experiences: Investing in frictionless payment technologies, such as mobile wallets, contactless payments, or self-checkout solutions, to reduce queues, improve transaction speed, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Leveraging Customer Data for Insights: Allocate resources to data management and analytics platforms that provide comprehensive customer insights, enabling data-informed decision making across marketing, merchandising, and operations


CEE eRetailCongress
Day 1 / Day 2


  •  Unlocking eRetail's Future: Powering Growth through AI, Omni-Channel Integration, and Data Security
  • Igniting the eRetail Journey: AI-Powered Innovation, Seamless Integration, and Fortified Data Confidence
  • Building a Data-Driven eRetail Revolution: Maximizing Performance with AI, Omni-Channel Integration, and Analytics

 eRetail Technology 


Day 1

Empowering Growth Through Robust eRetail Infrastructure: Building the Foundation for Success


  • Exploring the latest eRetail technologies for building a robust online infrastructure
  • Leveraging AI-powered solutions to personalize customer experiences and drive engagement
  • Implementing omni-channel integration using modern technologies to provide seamless shopping experiences across multiple channels
  • Discovering performance measurement and analytics tools to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and optimize the eRetail strategy
  • Learning about data security and privacy best practices to protect customer information and build trust in the online store

 eRetail Strategies & Data Management Stage 

Day 1


Capitalizing on Data-Driven Strategies, Unleashing eRetail Potential through Smart Decision-Making

  • Capitalizing on data-driven strategies by leveraging analytics technology to gain insights into customer behavior and make informed decisions
  • Collecting and unifying customer data using customer data tools to enable personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Implementing data visualization and business intelligence tools to analyze and present data effectively for actionable insights
  • Utilizing experimentation platforms to test and optimize digital experiences based on data insights, driving continuous improvement
  • Prioritizing data privacy and security ensuring compliance with regulations and building trust with customers

 eRetail Logistics 


 Day 2

Optimizing eCommerce Logistics and Supply Chains, Maximizing Profits through Efficiency

  • Streamlining eRetail logistics and supply chain processes by leveraging new solutions
  • Optimizing warehouse management and order fulfillment with modern technology like for efficient and timely deliveries
  • Maximizing profits through efficient shipping and delivery operations using advanced services for cost-effective and reliable logistics
  • Implementing data-driven strategies with logistics and analytics solutions to optimize supply chain efficiency and reduce costs
  • Ensuring data security and privacy in the logistics operations to protect sensitive information and maintain trust with customers

 eRetail CX & Loyalty


Day 2


Delivering personalized experiences that empower customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering personalized experiences using next generation technologies
  • Implementing AI-driven customer service solutions to provide real-time support and streamline customer interactions
  • Optimizing omni-channel integration to ensure consistent and seamless experiences across all customer touchpoints
  • Utilizing performance measurement and analytics platforms to gather feedback and measure the effectiveness of the customer experience initiatives
  • Prioritizing data security and privacy to protect customer data and maintain compliance with regulations


European Circular Retail Congress


  • Exploring innovative digital technologies and sustainable solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainability across the grocery retail and FMCG sector
  • Fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders to create transformative retail-FMCG partnerships that drive positive environmental and social impact
  • Gaining actionable insights and practical strategies from industry leaders to navigate the intersection of technology, sustainability, and consumer demands, unlocking new opportunities for business success

ESG & Sustainability Main Stage

 Driving Business Growth and Competitive Advantage through Strategic Planning and Compliance

  • Leveraging ESG and sustainability as catalysts for business growth while positively impacting the environment and society
  •  Discovering strategic planning methodologies that drive business growth and provide a competitive advantage in the grocery retail and FMCG sector
  • Implementing effective integration of ESG principles into the business operations to enhance sustainability performance and meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements
  • Establishing robust governance structures and ensure compliance with relevant sustainability standards to enhance credibility and reputation
  • Exploring innovative approaches to measure and report ESG metrics, enabling transparent communication of sustainability efforts and identification of areas for improvement

 Sustainable Commerce Stage

 Maximizing Revenue and Impact through Sustainable Product Development and Lifecycle Integration

  • Identifying market trends and consumer preferences related to sustainability, seizing new opportunities for product innovation and differentiation in a competitive landscape
  • Uncovering sustainable product development strategies that resonate with consumers, maximizing revenue and market share
  • Integrating sustainability throughout the product lifecycle, from responsible sourcing and eco-friendly design to innovative packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact
  • Communicating the sustainability attributes of products effectively, building trust and loyalty while driving demand for more sustainable options
  • Implementing actionable techniques for conducting lifecycle assessments, optimizing the environmental and social impacts of your products for enhanced sustainability performance

 Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations Stage

 Leveraging operational practices to enhance profitability and achieve sustainable returns

  • Optimizing the supply chain to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and achieve sustainable returns, enhancing profitability and reputation, while implementing sustainable production practices
  • Embracing circular economy practices and deploying innovative waste reduction strategies, such as recycling and upcycling, to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource utilization throughout the production and supply chain
  • Enhancing supply chain transparency, traceability, and ethical sourcing, building trust with consumers and meeting their demand for sustainable and responsible products, while implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes
  • Fostering collaboration with suppliers and partners to drive sustainable practices throughout the value chain, including energy-efficient transportation, packaging optimization, and waste management solutions, stimulating innovation and resilience
  • Utilizing practical knowledge and tools to assess environmental and social risks and opportunities, enabling informed decisions for long-term sustainable success, including the adoption of renewable energy sources and the implementation of effective waste management practices



The Trade Collaboration Stage is the spacious meeting point for further discussions and networking with a retail village in the center and thematic discussion tables around it. (See also the floor plan at the bottom of this page)


A festive gala that will take place on  9th of April, 2024. On this evening we will present the awards for the 15th edition of the Retailer of the Year and offer all participants the unique opportunity to make contacts in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


 January - June 2024


January 2024

  • IV ESG Industry Insights Cross-Border exchange dinner for Solution Providers, European Circular Retail Congress - Poland (Warsaw)  29 January  2024
  • IV Supply Chain Industry Insights Cross-Border exchange dinner for Solution Providers, Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) 30 January 2024
  • IV eCommerce Industry Insights Cross-Border exchange dinner for Solution Providers, eRetail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) 31 January 2024

February 2024

  • IV Digital Retail Industry Insights Cross-Border exchange dinner for Solution Providers, Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) 1 February  2024

April 2024

  • VI CEO & Board Directors Pre-Conference Dinner Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) 08 April 2024

May  2024

  • NonFood Retail CEO & Board Directors Dinner - Poland (Warsaw) 13 May 2024
  • VI CEO only Dinner - Poland (Warsaw) 14 May 2024
  • IV Retail & CPG ESG Professionals Dinner - Poland (Warsaw) 15 May 2024
  • VII eCommerce Professionals Dinner - Poland (Warsaw) 16 May 2024
  • VI Supply Chain Professionals Dinner - Poland (Warsaw) May 21, 2024

June 2024

  • ESG & Sustainability Conference Dinner Romania & CEE Retail Summit - Romania (Bucharest) June 10, 2024
  • CEO & Board Directors Conference Dinner Romania & CEE Retail Summit - Romania (Bucharest) June 11, 2024
  • Supply Chain Conference Dinner Romania & CEE Retail Summit - Romania (Bucharest) June 12, 2024
  • eCommerce Conference Dinner Romania & CEE Retail Summit - Romania (Bucharest) June 13, 2024

July - December 2024

September 2024

  • V ESG Industry Insights exchange dinner for Solution Providers, European Circular Retail Congress - Poland (Warsaw)  23 September 2024
  • V Supply Chain Industry Insights exchange dinner for Solution Providers, Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) 24 September 2024
  • V eCommerce Industry Insights exchange dinner for Solution Providers, eRetail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) 25 September 2024
  • V Digital Retail Industry Insights  exchange dinner for Solution Providers, Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) 26 September 2024

October 2024

  • V Retail & CPG ESG Professionals VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner European Circular Retail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) October 21, 2024
  • VII CEO & Board Directors Pre-Conference Dinner Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) October 22, 2024
  • VII Supply Chain VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner Retail Summit - Poland (Warsaw) October 23, 2024
  • VIII eCommerce VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner eRetail Congress - Poland (Warsaw) October 24, 2024

November 2024

  • I Retail & CPG ESG Professionals Dinner - Czech Republic (Prague) 11 November 2024
  • I CEO & Board Directors Dinner Poland - Czech Republic (Prague) 12 November 2024
  • II Supply Chain Professionals Dinner - Czech Republic (Prague) 13 November 2024
  • III eCommerce VIP's Pre-Conference Dinner eRetail Congress - Czech Republic (Prague) 14 November 2024


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Warsaw
Skalnicowa 21, 04-797 Warsaw