Every year over 600 high-level managers attend our conferences as speakers and, for various reasons, believe that it is worthwhile for them and / or their company to be present as speakers. 

In the following we have put together the most popular statements we hear from our speakers.

"I believe in the importance of the exchange of information and know-how and have the feeling that I can make my contribution to the development of the industry with my presentation at the conference."

"When I speak at the conference, I am forced to rethink my business and activities through the eyes of the audience. This helps me seek improvements for my own business."

"Public speaking is an important skill for any high-level manager. Speaking at an important conference can help me develop this important skill."

"I find it very important to be present at the leading meetings in the industry and speaking ensures that I have a good presence at the event."

"I know that after my speech there will be a lot of people who like to exchange ideas and discuss the things that I have presented. I know this will lead to new insights and I believe this will support my business and my job."

"It is important that my company is well presented at the most important events. I am the right person to present my company well."

"It just feels good to be part of the group of speakers at the event. It also gives me access and allows me to easily connect with the other key speakers at the conference."

"As a leader in my company, I think it's important that people in my own organization listen to my speech when I speak at a conference. They experience my passion and my knowledge differently than in the office, they feel the connection and draw energy from it."

"I get a lot of energy when I do something else out of the box, to put it simply; I like to be on stage!"

Do you think any of the above statements could apply to you? Or do you have another good reason? 

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